Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I saw recently

Poseidon (Neptune) at Toll Booth

Looking ripped and buff.
The statue was recently moved to the Walnut Street side of Burning Bridge Antiques.

  A banjo-playing skeleton at Trin's Beans on Locust

Doesn't anyone proofread anymore?

A skateboarder in the middle of traffic on Locust Street.
Yes, really.

Flowers at River Park

Maple leaf

Emergency personnel leaving River Park as an Amtrak train passes by

More autumn leaves

A-OK at 2nd and Cherry

A tree seemingly on fire at Locust Street Park

Filling in the pit next to Burning Bridge

Clouds aglow

The bridge at sunset

A hawk standing atop an old utility pole . . . because he can

What's this?  Another car into the river?  Fortunately, this one didn't go the whole way in.

Pickup truck parked at the bottom of Locust Street.
I guess the driver didn't see the NO PARKING sign right next to his truck.

Adjusting the Christmas lights at Holy Trinity Church

That's one way to get a free newspaper

Painting the clock tower

Just Married
Shortly after I took this photo, this driver buzzed through a red light at Prospect Road & 30.  Maybe he mistook his wedding for a funeral.


Anonymous said...

not surprised to see the Tollbooth Stature at Burning Bridge - it's more less a wholesale outlet open to the public with great prices and lot's of unusual stuff.

Anonymous said...

You got some really nice pictures Cole, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i agree...thanks for the awesome pictures!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures, thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

love the pics, thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

Great photos as always. I enjoy coming to this site for that reason. As for the young man on the skateboard.....I have seen him do this on several occassions. He is an accident waiting to happen. I hope the police can catch him doing this and stop this stupidity before something terrible happens.

Anonymous said...

or better yet, maybe the Borough can build the skate park that they promised the kids they would years ago

Joe Lintner said...

Thanks for the compliments. I hope that skateboarder doesn't get hurt. He's putting himself in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

Great point! Whatever happened to the skate park idea. I remember it is was being floated years ago. I, by no means, am a skate board enthusiast (I'd likely cause serious injury to myself in a matter of minutes) but there are many who are. Parants, adults, etc, complain about kids sitting behind computers or television playing video games yet we do nothing for those who want to go out and do something that actually requires physical exertion. I would have no problem seeing some of my tax dollar go toward a skate park, in fact, do it right. Include a roller hockey park as well. (The set up at Gladfelters for street hockey is just sad....we can do better.)

Anonymous said...

The Borough promised to build a park and still should. The story I heard is that there was a financial commitment from the National Rotary Park association, based on approval from the local Rotary Park association, and the local association blocked it for some reason. In any event, the past is over and the Borough should get this item back on the agenda and maybe build it out at Glatfelter Field.