Monday, November 4, 2013

Coroner: Man who drowned in submerged car committed suicide - News

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Anonymous said...

you all know the routine by now....Columbia gets another black mark for shit that happens here & the people are NOT Columbians....they don't live here, just wanna make it look bad.
On another note....still say that the School Board needs to step up to the plate & do the right thing....wth....hearing stories of all kinds of WRONGDOING....the Columbia Borough School District needs to combine with another school district and move on. It has to be better than continuing as it does. We can not afford to pay top 3 administrators $$$$$$$$ ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS IN MONEY....PLUS HOW MANY MORE IN BENEFITS.......THERE IS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO REASON FOR ALL THESE ADMINISTRATORS.....NONE...what the heck do you NOT understand? And on top of make up rules as you go along.