Saturday, August 31, 2013

Columbia 25, Eastern York 21

Columbia 25, Eastern York 21: Paced by senior running backs Michael Roberts, Jose Retamar and Keith Wakefield, Columbia emerged with the win.

Roberts, at 5-foot-10, 167 pounds, finished with a game-high 106 yards on 12 carries. He scored on a 2-yard run in the third quarter and a 56-yarder in the fourth.
Retamar added a 14-yard score and Wakefield broke off a 57-yard TD run in the third quarter.
Junior quarterback Kyle Warfel was 7-of-18 passing for 98 yards.

Civil War lecture series set for Columbia

The 150th anniversary of the Columbia area's involvement in the Civil War is being remembered this fall by a Columbia organization.
Six lectures, "Remembering our 150th Civil War Past," are being sponsored starting in October by the Columbia Historic Preservation Society.
All will be held on Saturdays at 1 p.m. at the historic society's main hall, 21 N. Second St., Columbia.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jazzy's Day on Saturday

Jazzy's Day, a celebration of the life of Jasmyn Smith, was held in Columbia's Makle Park on Saturday, August 24, with several hundred people attending.  Jasmyn, affectionately known as "Jazzy," passed away last year at age 11.  The event was sponsored by Aevidum, a national organization that helps support children and young adults through troubled times.  The organization's philosophy is "I've got your back."
The event featured music by DJ Spins, and included a school supplies giveaway, face painting, a raffle, games, drinks, and a balloon release in remembrance of Jazzy.

All of the 185 backpacks available were given away within the first 15 minutes of the event, to children waiting in line.  The entire stock of 200 t-shirts made in memory of Jazzy sold out by early afternoon.  A drill team from York's Crispus Attucks Association performed mid-afternoon, and balloons in Jazzy's favorite colors were released afterwards.

Rey Miranda offered face painting.  Raffle prizes included a 42" flat-screen TV and two bicycles.

The website of Aevidum is  

 An award designed by Jazzy's grandfather, Larry Phiel.

Jazzy's family: L-R: Bonnie Smith (Jazzy's grandmother), Stephan Smith (father), Lindy Smith (mother), Jada Smith (sister), Larry Phiel (grandfather), Jailyn Smith (sister), Jean Phiel (grandmother)

Jada helps out.

Alexis and friends

Tasty sno-cone

Balloons in Jazzy's favorite colors.

Preparing for the balloon release

More balloons

Team Jasmyn

The t-shirts sold out by early afternoon.

Alexis, Shanon, Yvonne and Trinity

All smiles

David Duke and Alexis

Fish in the bag

The drill team from the Crispus Attucks Association in York performed . . . 

Balloon release . . .

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ancient Marks at Weavings Ink

Jazzy’s Day To Celebrate Life And Community Togetherness This Coming Saturday

What I saw recently

Some recent odds and ends from around town . . . 

 Civil War figurines at Fifth and Cherry

 Open window and nobody home on Second Street

 Abandoned Big Chiller cups on the steps of the old United Telephone building

More leftover containers - this time at River Park.  
Interestingly enough, there's a trash can right at the top of the steps (seen in this photo).
Maybe the former owners of these cans didn't want to throw away the metal, and this is their idea of recycling.

 Back in the 60s, this was the Hi-fi Record Shop.

 A recently painted hydrant at the bottom of Fifth Street

Two guys working atop a train car

Shadows and reflections

 Baby snake smashed flat

 Sludge down by the shore.  
Anyone still think the Susquehanna is not a sick river?

 What I thought was the mouldering pelvic bone of a hobbit turned out to be some sort of plant structure that someone tore out.

 Chalk outline at a murder scene?
But the victim must have disappeared before the outline was completed.

 No way this will pass a code inspection.  Pictured are steps leading from the sidewalk to a basement on Walnut Street.  They're covered by a piece of corrugated metal roofing (the white area on the upper left).  There's also an old piece of wood along the side (upper right) as well as some plastic sheeting.  Maybe the residents are having a problem with rainwater seeping into their basement, but this is not the proper way to fix it.

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