Friday, July 5, 2013

What I Saw Recently

Some pics from around town over the last few days . . .

Not Fourth of July fireworks, but rather mimosa blossoms on Barber Street

This is Avenue L, just off Perry Street.

This is growing out of the side of a building on Second Street.

Also, on Second Street, a young sycamore, apparently unattended for some time, is "taking off."  

 25 Second Street - this sign appeared in the window the other day.

The property has been condemned for quite some time, but workers were inside the other day - fixing up?

At Columbia River Park, a rabbit kept a watchful eye on things.

An industrious boater cleared debris from around one of the docks.

At the Columbia Water Company, tanker trucks have been getting pumped full of water from an open in-ground tank, continually over the last few days.

 The trucks are from Commonwealth Disposal Inc. (CDI) in Harrisburg.
Several trucks containing water have been making runs to Harrisburg during the day and then returning, to be filled again. 
Today (Friday), one of these trucks was seen near the borough's maintenance facility along River Road.

This morning, the bridge inspectors were back.

Also this morning, a mother mallard and her ducklings swam by near the shore.

They stopped and walked onto one of the partially submerged docks.

The mother got quite close and was apparently looking for food, but the whole flock soon swam away.

Soon after, a small turtle swam near the shore.

 It climbed onto a log floating nearby.

It sat there awhile.

 I think it was trying to tell me something here (possibly a report on how polluted the river is), but unfortunately, I don't speak turtle.

After looking around for a few minutes, it plopped back into the water and disappeared under some floating debris near the dock.


  1. I can guarantee the weeds are in front of or behind rental properties. Most of the people who are renting these days are nothing but low lives who believe everything should be done for them and they have to do nothing. It is called the entitlement mentality and the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue does nothing but to encourage this mentality. Way back in the day, when I first moved out on my own, I rented a property with an alley similar to Avenue L behind the rental property. All the people who lived along the alley, homeowners and renters alike, took care of the alley to make sure it looked good. Good luck getting people to do that today! And by the way, when I went out on my own I took responsibility for myself. I didn’t have the government giving me a subsidy for the rent, didn’t have a card to get food……I worked for it and spent and saved my money responsibly and when I was financially able to do so, I got married and had children.....NOT BEFORE. Enough venting for one day!

    1. I'm not necessarily against renters, just landlords who don't keep up their properties.

  2. Seeing those weeds makes me have questions - does anyone know what happened to the Municipal Code info for the Borough- it seems to have disappeared, and the only link says that the information is not available. Secondly, is there any information about people who make fires in fire pits residing in the Borough?

    Those weeds are a travesty- and seen all over the town.

    1. Codes are listed under the link "Ordinances" on the left side of the borough's website at The direct link is here:
      A Columbia police officer once told me a fire pit is ok as long as you're cooking on it.

  3. fire pit and open flame NOT ok.....i got a letter from boro.

  4. Thanks for the update on the fire pits and the weeds!

    The are fine examples of weeds in the alley between 8th and 9th growing up the steps to the brick building.... Weeds two stories tall!

    There is also a fine "uptown" example on the opposite side of the alley behind the 9th Street garage- with cars that are in stages of repair that set for weeks, and detritus piled beside the building....

    It truly is a problem all over town.

    I thank you for showing us all facets - of life on, in, and within the Borough of Columbia.