Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vultures 'hang out' in Columbia - News - LancasterOnline.com

Turkey vultures are "more than a nuisance," Columbia resident Cy Greenya told borough council Monday.
Greenya estimates the number of turkey and black vultures that roost in the trees along the back of his property to be near 100. They tear up roof shingles and destroy patio furniture. The vast amount of feces, he said, must be a health hazard.
Vultures are federally-protected migratory birds, he said, so property owners have limited options in dealing with the problem.



  1. something is wrong with that! maybe we should contact our state representatives or governor, etc....in this boro there must be at the very least 400 of these vultures....its ridiculous. the health hazards with all the feces alone should be a red flag to someone...last year there were 200 just at st john herr area...something should be done before they take over this boro. then whose going to pay for all the new roofs and to sanitize everyones personal porpoerty???? i could understand if it were a few-but HUNDREDS......WHY are they federally protected?

  2. Um, the vultures (two-winged) are a protected species.... But are the vultures (our two-legged TPTB in our banana republic of PA) protected as well?

    When will the citzenry stand up and take ownership of our town?

    What will be our call to action for everyone to start taking more interest in borough meetings, meetings where our monies get spent (sewer, water, school board)?

    Is there a group forming at this moment in order to SAVE this wonderful town before it is too late? What can we do? What is being done, as we speak?

    This is hopefully open for comments, advice, or links.

    It it time to take a stand and be the voice to return Columbia back to a place where "Roll Tide Roll" means town pride, permanent residents/families move here to stay, and make this "fine town" and the gem of the Susquehanna.

  3. good luck, been tryin to motivate residents and homeowners for years

  4. i hope u can get taxpaying homeowners motivated, excited, interested, etc with all the dealings and doings of the boro. they should. theres a blatant waste of money and personal agendas. can u say river park?
    and the scholl board is no better, if not worse. they see fit to raise our already exorbitant taxes every year....soon this will be a ghost town. mark my words. we can not afford to continue to live here.