Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring took a wrong turn and got lost


  1. just read columbia news views and reviews......WOW the Donald (Nikolaus) makes headlines again....go read the article

  2. Yes, the article states:

    "[Gregory Mark Shepard] also blasted CEO Donald H. Nikolaus' 2012 total compensation of $1.4 million as 'outlandish,' noting it exceeded the combined pay of the three next-highest ranking Donegal Group executives."

    And from lancasteronline, Feb. 17, 2012:
    "...Donald Nikolaus is president of both Marietta Gravity and Columbia Water."

    Well, that explains a few things.

    (And if memory serves, he was Columbia Borough's former solicitor.)

  3. now why isn't this on the fornt page of the lanc intel???????

  4. ain't it awful funny that no one has heard one word in regards to the breach at the columbia water co last week ????? goes to prove the system is BROKE.