Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PART III: Preservationist's curse - News - LancasterOnline.com

Lancaster, Strasburg, Columbia and Lititz have established historic districts under state guidelines. These districts also are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They encompass thousands of residences and other structures.

Historical Architectural Review Boards, or HARBs, sit in judgment on proposals for exterior modifications, including demolition, in all of the districts except Lititz, which has a slightly different system. Alterations include removing a porch or replacing wood windows with vinyl.

The point of monitoring these changes is to preserve the integrity of the historic districts. Methods of meeting that objective still draw occasional controversy decades after the historic districts were established.



  1. what a joke! most people in this Boro can NOT afford the taxes and they are worried about Historic District? Tells you how screwed up mgmt is! The historic district SHOULD CONSIST OF ONLY A VERY LIMITED AREA LIKE LOCUST ST 2ND TO 5TH......IF I WANT TO REPLACE WINDOWS I SHOULD not NEED TO GET BORO APPROVAL. YOU SHOULD THANK ME FOR IMPROVING MY PROPERTY. only in Columbia.

  2. i agree! any improvement is better than none.

  3. it's ALL about CONTROL.

  4. Take a look at some of the buildings in what would qualify for the "Historic District" of Columbia. One particular "high end" business on S. 2nd Street looks horrible with it's peeling paint around it's "picture" windows. Then there is another business that doesn't even have an actual front door, just painted plywood. What standards are being set that we are supposed to follow here?

    1. I think the S. Second St. business should be commended for even opening up a business in that area. Let's applaud them and be a positive reinforcement for operating a new business in Columbia.

  5. you'd think this was some rich town with unlimited resourses! IF someone wants to improve their home, i don't think its any of the boros business to say HOW they can fix it. worry about the rental slum properties .

  6. nice point. i agree. the one business with painted particle board covering the front door has been like that for at least 10 years, but thinking its more like 15 years.....and it IS the Historic District. but codes has just let it go.....guess it is who you are or who you know. and they (codes) harass the same people over and over about piddly dumb stuff.

  7. Wind turbines for Columbia?
    In Uncategorized on March 27, 2013 at 6:08 am
    At the Monday borough council meeting of the whole, a councillor observed that Columbia might look at having five wind turbines constructed to save on the borough’s electricity charges.

    The councillor contended that five turbines would provide enough power for every home in the borough and have enough left over to sell to the grid.


  8. ALL Boro mgmt have their priorities messed up....

  9. whats up the Boro/Codes dept .... slumlords operate for years without having to be in compliance, for not fixing up their props-hence Locust St with the picture window and the corner prop with painted black plywood for a door....(and thats just to name a few) theres more-as for the new biz at 2nd and Locust-kudos..its beautiful ! .but i really can't understand why they continue to operate and NOT complain to boro mgmt DAILY for all the eyesores around them-in every direction. its NOT right. WHAT DOES THE BORO/CODES DO FOR THESE BUSINESSES THAT OPEN AND TRY TO STAY OPEN????? heck they don't even make the slumlords take care of their falling down props. the trash, the peeling paint, the missing spouting, the holes in fascia or trim, the weeds, the type of tenants they rent to and all the baggage that comes with that - SHAME...WHERES COUNCILORS? i suggest you take a walk or drive thru downtown and takes notes to all the propblems and eyesores u see.....and in turn make sure that they are enforced.

  10. coudln't have said it better myself! I agree Dear Councilors-you ALL need to take a walk up and down Locust Street and concentrate on each and every property...take notes of all the things you SEE that are wrong. For starters.