Friday, March 15, 2013

It could get worse

Let's hope not, but here's an update from ABC 27 News.
(The link to the original article, which has more information, is at the bottom of this post.)
We've heard the bad news, now here's the (potential) worse news:

If the water is found to have been contaminated, the tanks will need to be sterilized or replaced, which could take several more days if not weeks.

Columbia Borough schools were closed Friday in light of the advisory.

While the advisory is in effect, the company is providing tankers of water, which are stationed at the Columbia Shopping Plaza and the Columbia Shopping Center. Residents will need to bring their own containers to carry water.

Tap water should not be used for drinking, cooking, food preparation, oral hygiene, or for pets until further notice, officials said. If ice cubes were made with tap water before 3:30 p.m. on March 13 they should be thrown away.

The water can be used for sanitary purposes such as bathing and washing but not for washing dishes.


  1. I do wish that we could get some information, most people will accept whatever it is if they are kept informed. Speculation runs rampant when people are kept in the dark.

  2. well thank the cola water co for would think in such a state of emergency, that the cola water co would have stayed OPEN for the duration and had their employees manning the phones..what bs.

  3. the Columbia Water Co handled this whole entire matter, HORRIBLY.You have failed the test of the emergency system.

    1. It could have been handled better. Many questions were unanswered at the time.

  4. Doesn't the DAC have bottled water? So why were THEY closed on Friday. I get closing the schools, but the DAC too?

  5. sorry whats the DAC