Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey, where's Doug Lamb?

 There's been no sign of Doug Lamb Construction all week at this River Park project.

The curbing has been installed, but is the project finished?  If so, they need to come back and take care of debris and other materials left behind.
If not, where are they?

It was stated at a council meeting last fall that it was a priority to get this project done before winter set in.
Has that been accomplished, or is this the result - a work still-sort-of-somewhat-in-progress?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't comment about this sooner but WTF???? This is terrible! I was down there today and it looks even worse than the pictures. Do we know if the contractor was paid in full? I can't hardly believe this....oh wait, it's Columbia, I CAN BELIEVE THIS!!!!! ONLY in Columbia would this happen. We invite this by tolerating it time and time again. These elected officials need to go!!!

Joe Lintner said...

It's not surprising that they left it like this. This is the same outfit that damaged my property a few years ago when they put in new sidewalks around town.

Anonymous said...

oh imagine that? and the boro hires them again. i agree....these elected officials do need to go...because they certainly do NOT care about the majority of the residents of this boro..... and while they are at it, they need to take 75 % of the rental props with them too.