Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lancaster drug bust: Lancaster mom shoots up with children | WPMT FOX43

Columbia residents oppose nude dancing at club

Testimony closed Wednesday evening on an application to allow full-nude dancing at a Columbia Borough strip club.

"We want to be nude like every other BYOB club in Pennsylvania and not work at a disadvantage," said Cassandra Fisher, general manager of Club Good Times, 425 Union St., where she also dances.

"Everyone would make more money if we were nude."

The community, however, was firm in its opposition to the plan. During nearly 30 minutes of public testimony before the borough's zoning hearing board, several residents registered their displeasure with the bar.

Union Street resident Biddie Helton said patrons exiting the club once harassed her to the extent that she pulled a shotgun on them.

Helton said it "is not fair for any woman in this town for their husbands to go into that bar and to witness these women taking their clothes off. This town does not need nude women. If they want to get naked, let them go to a parking lot and get naked."


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report finds low-income working families are paying more in taxes - CW 15

PA made the "Terrible 10" list.

Local police chief working with schools to make sure they are prepared for school shooting - CBS 21 News

State agencies spar over Susquehanna River designation — again |

Local SPCA proves to be an attractive option

Mayor Leo Lutz of Columbia provided a copy of borough policy, which says stray dogs are held temporarily at the borough shed. If a dog's owner is not identified within four hours, dogs are taken to Columbia Animal Hospital for care.

"After 48 hours, if the dog is still in the care of the Columbia Animal Hospital and an owner has not been identified, the canine will be euthanized and cremated," the policy states.

"It is not the borough's intent to euthanize animals, but to find them homes," Lutz added. "This procedure is to give guidelines for operation. We will make every attempt to find a home for the animal," including efforts to find foster care beyond the initial 48 hours while an owner is sought.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What happened . . . ?

Several sections of fence on the Cherry Street side of Mount Bethel Cemetery are detached and lying over.  An adjacent section, still standing, is badly bent.

A hopeful sign?

Today, workmen started pouring cement at the Cycle Den site.

More info - Susquehanna River not on impaired list, but Boat Commission, anglers, environmentalists say it should be

Go HERE for the article.

Poll finds Gov. Corbett’s approval rate plummeting | WPMT FOX43

LIMC - Will Columbia withdraw?

A sign of the times? - Central Dauphin School Board OKs armed resource officer in 3 middle schools |

Is Columbia next?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another one bites the dust

I just noticed that the Turkey Hill Minit Market on 462, across from 9th Street, is closed.  Now, there's an empty building right next to an empty building that used to be a Pizza Hut.
Hang in there, Mountville Motor Sales and Royer's Flowers and Gifts.  We need you!

DEP Secretary Provides Update on Susquehanna River, Waterways | The Susquehanna is not impaired | WPMT FOX43

"Our final report is firmly grounded in sound science, and we expect that EPA will agree with it based on the science presented," DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said. "Based on the science and law, we do not believe that the main stem of Susquehanna River should be proposed as impaired under the Clean Water Act. While we recognize that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and others had requested that DEP propose to impair a 98-mile stretch of the Susquehanna River, as we have pointed out on many occasions before, that view is based on very limited, piecemeal data and is not supported by the existing data or the law. But DEP takes the concerns expressed about the Susquehanna very seriously and we are doing something about it. We will be taking, separately, a comprehensive and strategic approach to ensure that the Susquehanna River is protected."

Go HERE for a previous article on the health of the Susquehanna.

Ex-wife of 'Breaking Amish' cast member speaks out about 'reality' show - CW 15

Guess what? The show is fake. Is anyone surprised?

Sally Starr, iconic Philly TV personality, dies at 90

Leader of new animal shelter here brings rich background

How much can Columbia bare?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walking on thin ice

Today around noon, I noticed footprints on the ice down by the old bridge.  The ice was only about an inch thick along shore, but someone had to try walking on it anyway.
I've heard tales of how, during some severe winters in the 1950s, guys would drive cars - on the ice - across to Wrightsville.
No thanks.

Friday, January 25, 2013


More on the LCB ripoff - CEO of Liquor Control Board set to retire, become a consultant on your tax money - CW 15

How do we get this guy off the public payroll?

Lottery privatization: Camelot facing criticism in the United Kingdom for executive bonus pay and doubling of lottery prices |

This deal is really starting to stink.

Hundreds of Lancaster County residents join March For Life in Washington in protest of legalized abortion

Columbia woman attends rally in Washington.

Pa. liquor chief to retire, return as consultant at $80/hour - CW 15

"He'll be back under a state law that allows former employees to return on an emergency basis while collecting their pensions."
What's the emergency - advising on whether to choose red or white? This escapade has the unmistakable bouquet of ripoff.

PennDOT to Inspect Norman Wood Bridge, Jan. 28-30 | WPMT FOX43

When are they going to inspect the Veterans' Memorial Bridge?  There are a lot of large cracks in the piers.

Hempfield High School senior, once thought dead in crash, comes home

Thursday, January 24, 2013

All kinds of artworks show up at the "Show up and Show Show," including works by Bob Hammer


This afternoon at 4:49

Prosecutors seek death penalty against Columbia couple in homicide of infant son

PSU names college official as integrity officer

She'll oversee compliance, in contrast to the "look the other way" policy of previous years.

Police: Bullet shot into moving minivan on Route 30

It's getting crazy out there.

Like an unwanted guest, winter is here

This has been the week from Hell - if Hell were cold, windy, and frozen over, that is. When daytime temps are only in the teens and 20s, the prospect of a day even slightly above freezing is enough to warm the cockles of one's  heart. (What the hell ARE cockles, anyway, and are they something I should talk to my doctor about?)
The worst thing about winter, though - besides heating bills, dead batteries, and frozen pipes - is there's no one to blame it on. I can't point the finger of shame (frozen though it may be) at those rotten Republicans in Congress, or big banks, or the CIA, or the military-industrial complex. Which makes one frustrated, as well as cold. My main recourse is to bitch and grumble to whomever will listen, and no one will, not voluntarily anyway, and I don't blame them.
This morning, we got a dusting of snow, just enough to be a nuisance. Tomorrow - more snow? Who knows? Certainly not the local weathermen. I hate that false certitude they toss at us, as if anyone could predict the future. How can they finagle and lie so often and still keep their jobs?  As I've said elsewhere, every weather forecast should include the disclaimer, "For entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken seriously."
I love it when they give us the odds of precipitation, as in "There's a 40% chance of rain next Monday." If it rains, they're covered. If it doesn't, they're right, too. That kind of prediction is meaningless. One could name any percentage of probability about anything and still claim to be right. I could say there's a 99% chance of a zombie apocalypse tomorrow. If it doesn't happen, I can say there was a 1% chance against it and I'm right after all.
All that aside, we're left with the simple (and sad) fact that frigid weather is here. We're right dead-center in the dead of winter, and there's nothing we can do to change it, or hurry it along. No way to say, "I hate to cut this short, but I have things to do."
We're going to have to dig in, hunker down, and wait it out.
Old Man Winter is definitely messin' with us, and he is one nasty, old bastard.

PPL trimming branches | WPMT FOX43

PPL Electric Utilities will increase tree trimming and removal along its power lines this year to further reduce tree-related power outages and improve the reliability of electric service for customers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold thoughts on a frigid day

Today reminds me of death. The bitter air, the long shadows, the frozen ground. Now I know why they call this the dead of winter. I feel like I'm about to be one of them. The dead, that is. I need to get out of this cold.
Birds in bare trees try to out-lament each other by chirping and squawking about who's coldest.
I'm down at the tracks. A Norfolk Southern train rumbles by, screaming so loudly it hurts my ears. I place my hands over my earmuffs.
I wonder what's in those train cars. If a train ever derails, toxic chemicals could escape from a ruptured tank car and kill everyone in their sleep up to 3rd Street and beyond. Hopefully, one of the cars will also leak nitrous oxide so everyone can die laughing.

Gun Control Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Bear Arms Protection | WPMT FOX43

Great. Now get to work breaking up the big banks.

Carbon monoxide awareness; carbon monoxide signs | WPMT FOX43

NRA Eastern Sports Outdoor Show; Assault weapons modern sporting rifles | WPMT FOX43

NRA withdraws from show.  Good, keep withdrawing...back a little more...a little more...keep going...keep going....

Now, that's a good idea!

Columbia Borough should mandate this proposal.

Amish farmer charged with killing young eagle - News

Three hawks and an eagle?  Take this guy's gun away!   Oh wait, someone did.  Let's hope it's permanent.

Park Elementary principal announces retirement

Go HERE for the info.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crime Stoppers offers reward up to $1000

Stray dog policy revised in Mount Joy Township - News

Formerly of Columbia - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested; Police nab sexual assault suspect in Ephrata | WPMT FOX43

New Year Exhibit Opening THIS FRI: The Show Up & Show Show

MAHS to host talk on Shenks Ferry and Susquehannocks - Announcements -

Cold snap!

Today's high will be 20° F.  Daytime temps won't get above freezing until this coming Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

Pennsylvania State University now a leader in Clery compliance

Yeah, but what took so long, Penn State?
You got caught big time, so now you're gonna comply.
Someone needs to dig deep and find out how many other cases were covered up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Columbia OKs stray dog contract

Go HERE for info.

Blue Monday: Monday known as the most depressing day of the year - CBS 21 News

Lititz could be named "Coolest Small Town," but everyone knows the title belongs to Columbia

Jonal Gallery/Alverta Arts Shop Invites you to a special Fourth Friday Event, January 25

Jonal Gallery/Alverta Arts Shop 653 Locust Street - Columbia, PA 17512 717.681.9400 you to a special Fourth Friday Event, January 25, 2013 5:00-9:00p.m.

Enjoy the exciting opening of resident artist, Dale Weibley, "Black - White and Beyond" as he introduces his newest pen & ink "NEMO'S ARRIVAL" now in polychrome....

Come see "Nemo's Arrival" in black & white and polychrome and enjoy a new twist to Jules Verne's popular "Captain Nemo." Did he truly exist only in fiction or could he have been the scientific genius behind Jules Verne's writings? You decide! Either way, Dale Weibley offers a visual insight and thought-provoking stimuli into other possibilities not previously explored. Whether you leave believing Captain Nemo remains as a character in Jules Verne's novels or the science behind them, you will never truly dismiss the possibility! Dale Weibley will also premiere his new "Window Garden" series at Jonal Gallery. Come prepared to enjoy works never displayed here at Jonal Gallery and become reacquainted with some of your favorite Dale Weibley Pen & Inks, Acrylics and Oils. A joy to behold and a pleasure to own and enhance your home or work space.

On your next visit to the Gallery you will treated to a new look and expanded space of Arts Shop inside Jonal Gallery!

Be sure to have your Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce PASSPORT TO RIVER TOWNS with you as you visit us and other participating venues in Columbia, Marietta and Wrightsville for special values, with "PASSPORT," at the Alverta Arts Shop inside Jonal Gallery and other participating venues. Passports available here at Jonal Gallery, the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center and many other participating venues. Program ends Saturday, February 16, 2013.
See you at the Gallery, John and Dale

Lancaster Crime Stoppers offers reward in animal cruelty case; Reward Offered for info on Mack’s attacker | WPMT FOX43

It includes Columbia - Northwest River Trail is taking shape - News -