Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This morning, I received the following email thread relating to former Columbia Market House Manager Carmen Swinehart's ongoing attempts to receive severance pay from the borough. In the email dated July 18, 2012, Councilman Kelly Murphy states that the borough is responsible for paying Carmen's "requested cost." So far, this has not been done. 
Today is December 19.  It is almost the end of the year.  I would hope the council would want to pay this bill and get it off their books (especially since it's almost Christmas and it would be the decent, Christian thing to do). 
Council, you can easily make this matter go away with a few strokes of the pen. 
Please do the right thing. 

(Some of the following email addresses have been redacted to protect the privacy of the correspondents.) 

On Dec 19, 2012 8:45 AM, <Carmen Swinehart> wrote:
Norm,  Mr. Pfannebecker,Esq
Please find the letter below. I would like to close this matter. I can no longer afford law fees and it would exceed the amount owed to me. I would like to provide a Christmas to my family. I have been patient and have been told it would be handled, but I have yet to see my contract acknowledged. All during my employment with both the Borough then later with the Trust, I never received any negative feedback on my job performance and completed every task that was asked of me.

No one should have to endure the ignorance that I have as if my contract was never that important. I recently attended a council meeting where the trust was disband and later found they were reinstated due to contracts... Therefore, I would like to be acknowledged as well. I am only seeking what is entitled to me.  I have stressed long enough and it is NOT healthy. 

I have also been told by employment that I am seeking... when they call for a reference, the words given is??? do not know her or no return calls??  Employment is important and I have a right to peaceful enjoyment. I understand the law and I understandfriendship. I also understand that I am just as important and need to be seen as such. 
I have made several attempts to contact the Trust and NOTHING!  NOT ONCE have they returned a call. I was employed with the Trust, but the Borough paid my salary. Can you please find time in your busy schedule to discuss ME! I would like to pick the check up by the weeks end. So, I can buy Christmas for my kids and put food on the table!

From: Kelly Murphy
To: Carmen Swinehart
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 1:33:07 PM
Subject: Re: 60 Day Obligation


I have forwarded this information to Don Haines, Trust Chairman.  I am also checking into this as well since the borough was responsible for paying all market bills up to July 1, 2012, wchih would thus make us responsible for this requested cost.

Would you prefer to receive a response from me (for the borough) or from Don Haines (for the Trust)?

Thank you.

Kelly Murphy

also you will see below another letter from an earlier date:  Which I am willing to collect on the contract amount. You will see here is where not just my word, but he spoke about the pay to others.......
Dave Rupp is going to give us a written approval, and you need to give us a bill.

From: R.m.swinehart Home improvements
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:02 AM
Subject: Re:

I appreciate this. How do I get the severance etc that he (rupp) told me that I can have.

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