Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Wrap-Up

Some items from the past week . . .

 Yes really

 The sign says NO SWIMMING, but technically he's not breaking the law, because he's doggy-paddling.

 He did, however, go in without a life jacket.

 No comment

 Underfed construction worker

 One of our "best-known" bars

 Quite a bargain

 Taking the high road

 On Mill Street, between Third and Lawrence

 "I saw some grass growing through the pavement today." - Jack in the Green by Jethro Tull

 Either get out the Roundup, or mow the sidewalk.

 Unless they're adding it as a side lawn, in which case, mow it anyway.

 Having a high-carb snack from an overflowing trash can at River Park 

 A guy and his geese

 A guy charging his phone

A guy holding a sign of the times


Anonymous said...

awesome the trouble bar is closing ! yay ! however, the guys who wear their pants falling down, i still think they should be given a indecent exposure ticket-i do not want to look at their underwear. the river park will forever be an issue. no one addresses the issues with usually kids swimming at the boat ramp. lights being broke. trash overflowing. and there;s more to come??? idk how the residents of the boro can afford any more of this nonsense. people are losing their HOMES everyday. NO ONE CARES. they will just increase our taxes yet AGAIN. and what about the PROBLEM properties-mostly rentals that have issues WEEKLY if not daily with TRASH and rubbish, dog waste, high grass and weeds, furniture on the front porch, etc....
there's a lot wrong that needs fixed.

Joe Lintner said...

You're right - there are a lot of issues, big and small, to be fixed.