Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Proverbial Accident Waiting to Happen?

Barber Street is one-way going east from Plane Street to South Twelfth Street.  Despite that fact, drivers often travel west on Barber (the wrong way) after turning right from South Eleventh Street.  
Miraculously, there have been no accidents so far.  But this afternoon at 3:08, a wrong-way driver traveling west on the 1000 block of Barber almost collided head-on with a school bus going east (the correct way).  After witnessing this near-miss, I investigated why these incidents keep happening and discovered the following:

 This is the intersection of 11th and Barber, looking south on 11th, and it's here the trouble starts.  Drivers who don't realize Barber is one-way make the mistake of turning right, causing them to travel west on Barber - the wrong way.  And the reason they do so is there is not a NO RIGHT TURN sign posted.

In fact, the only indication at this intersection that Barber is one-way is this partially hidden DO NOT ENTER sign on Barber, which is barely visible to anyone traveling south on 11th and possibly considering making that right turn.  That's the only indication - no NO RIGHT TURN sign, no ONE-WAY sign. 
If anyone affiliated with the Highway Department is reading this, please install better signage here before someone gets injured - or worse.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fish Dinner, Anyone?

This picture was taken a little after five o'clock this afternoon.  Someone dumped these fish near the railroad tracks on Malleable Road (or as we Columbians say it: MOW (as in OW!) - LUH - BULL Road).
I've heard of "catch and release" - but "catch and dump"?
This garbage will be sure to draw cats, skunks, rats, mice, foxes - you name it.  I wonder if the thoughtless person who dumped this considered the consequences.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Some pics from the past week or so that weren't previously posted . . .

There were a few issues at last Sunday's river baptism at River Park:

Two jet skiers landed near the base of the boat ramp.  While one waited, the other attempted to back his truck and trailer down the ramp as the service was being conducted.  He was then asked by a pastor not to do so, because the church had a permit to be there.  The jet skiers then waited until the church service concluded.

 Also, two other people who were preparing to leave the park in their boat let their dog run through the crowd.  

 The dog was unattended for several minutes as its owners gathered their belongings for the trip.

The dog was only a minor disturbance, but allowing him to run through the crowd was disrespectful.

I wonder if the dog's owners ever read this notice posted nearby.

And speaking of notices, have you ever read the bulletin board under the bridge?
Reminds me of the lines from that old song:
"Do this! Don't do that! Can't you read the sign?!"

Meanwhile, these folks were unfazed by it all and simply enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Cyclists Help Cycle Den

On Saturday afternoon, about 100 cyclists roared through town on a benefit ride for the Cycle Den, which was recently lost to a fire.  The ride was organized by friends of the Cycle Den.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Lion Lands in Columbia

A Life Lion helicopter from Hershey Medical Center made a half hour stop at Columbia Consolidated Fire Company shortly after 8 o'clock last night.  The stopover was part of a training program being coordinated with CCFD.  The chopper, one of three, often travels with a registered nurse - and sometimes a cardiologist -  aboard on actual emergency calls.

Monday, August 13, 2012

From Boat Ramp to Bike Ramp

These two girls took advantage of a nearly empty River Park this afternoon to combine the sports of cycling and swimming. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jason Howard - A Remembrance

Columbia teens held an observance at Columbia River Park today in memory of their friend Jason Howard.

(Left to right: Logynn Fuller, Kayla Lambert, Lauren Schoenly, Brittany Germer)

Ashley Tabernacle COGIC River Baptism

Ashley Tabernacle Church of God in Christ held their annual river baptism at Columbia River Park on Sunday, August 12.

Weekend Wrap-up

A few more pics from this week . . .

 Sparky the fire dog at Tuesday's National Night Out

 Canada geese

 Kayakers returning to shore after finding body of lost swimmer Saturday morning

 Fixing a flat during Chiques Challenge

Out through the in lane

Chiques Challenge

The Second Annual Chiques Challenge event was held Saturday, August 11.  The course began with a four-mile run in East Donegal Township to Front Street in Marietta, where participants boarded kayaks for the water portion of the Challenge and paddled downstream to Columbia River Park.  The event was presented by the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and was sponsored by Becky & Ken's, Brenner Accounting, Hinkle's Pharmacy, and Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (Gold Sponsor).  Event assistance was provided by Chiques Rock Outfitters.
(Click on pics to see 'em BIG.)

 Kevin Hull (#294) finished first.

 Charlene Smith (#59) dominated the women's division.

 Pretzel City Sports of Reading recorded finishing times.

 Kurt Enck (#17)

 Jeff Trost brought a friend along.

Other pics from the event . . .