Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Hit Us?

Last night's nasty storm brought with it high winds that knocked over trees, broke off limbs, downed power lines, and caused power outages.  The worst hit area seemed to be the swath between Route 462 and the river.  Earlier today, I shot the following pics of the aftermath.

 I can't confirm this pole at The Wagon Werks was knocked over by the high winds, but I hadn't noticed it leaning before.

River Rescue - June 30, 2012

Shortly after 5 p.m. today, emergency personnel responded to an incident in which a man reportedly jumped from the Veterans' Memorial Bridge.
The boater in front escorted a police officer in his boat.

Onlookers and emergency personnel watched from the bridge.

For some reason, this man, beverage in hand, seemed compelled to keep wading towards the rescue boats.

And he just kept going.

Rescue boats canvassed the river.

Personnel brought the victim ashore to a waiting gurney.

Fire police kept an eye on the situation.

Mission accomplished, the boats were taken away.

Onlookers kept watching.

This is the guy who allowed the use of his boat.

Personnel summed it all up.

Scenes From The Art & Craft Show - June 30, 2012