Monday, May 7, 2012

Artist Scott Gore at Jonal Gallery - You're Invited

        You're invited to "A Night At The Gallery with Scott Gore"
                                     At: Jonal Gallery
                                      653 Locust Street
                                    Columbia, Pa. 17512
Q: What is "A Night At The Gallery" anyway?
A: "A Night At The Gallery" is a forum that was established by the proprietors of Jonal Gallery, Dale Weibley and John Novak, to give friends and patrons the opportunity to meet the exhibiting artist(s) in a casual, intimate and relaxed atmosphere. This venue allows patrons to learn more about the exhibiting artist(s), everything from learning where their passion comes from to their love of art, their inspirations, techniques and choice of medium. It also provides an opportunity to ask those "prying on your mind" questions you always wanted to ask, but never had the opportunity!

Q: So, I've never attended one before, what happens during "A Night At The Gallery"?
A: The Gallery opens at 7pm giving attendees time to walk through the Gallery and the Alverta Arts Shop to review the offerings of the exhibiting artist(s) and resident artist Dale Weibley. Don't forget to visit the Alverta Arts Shop to see exciting three dimensional offerings of local artisans and textiles by D. W. Designs. While waiting for the presentation to begin at 7:30, relax and socialize with old friends and meet new ones. Enjoy some light refreshments and prepared to be entertained!   "Q&A" time is provided at the end of the artist's program, but because this is a casual forum, feel free to ask your questions and offer comments during their presentation. Many artist will use visual aides during their presentation, such as power-point, to enhance your experience. After the artist's program has completed feel free to mingle again, enjoy some more light refreshments and make a more educated decision on the pieces you would like to purchase. We accept Master Card and Visa for your convenience.

Q: It all sounds great! What do I need to do to attend?
A: It's so easy ... "A Night At The Gallery" artist talks are always free. Advanced reservations are recommended, due to limited seating and easy to secure. You can reserve your seat by calling the Gallery (717.681.9400) or visit us on-line: and click on "contact us" and secure your reservation. Please leave us your name, the number of seats and program you are requesting and a contact phone number, should we need to reach you. See you at the Gallery!
Thank you for supporting Jonal Gallery/Alverta Arts Shop.
See you at the Gallery, 
John and Dale

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