Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fourth Fridays Celebration - April 27, 2012

 Mary Wickenheiser cuts the ribbon at the 
the grand opening of Trin's Beans.

 And away we go . . . !

 Margo - ready for spring

 A strummer strums

 Ben Ahlgrim and Jeremy Friedly of
Through the Fire Studios give a demo.
Their studio is housed in the
Susquehanna School for the Creative Arts (SCCA)
on Locust Street.

 Do not touch!

 Refreshments at SCCA

 A new arrival at the coffee shop
(There's a "Name the Mannequin" contest.)

 "Almost Willie" at borough hall

 Rumors of a jam session at River Rat 
Music Warehouse,
but where IS everyone?

 Burning Bridge Antiques

 Ab-salute Twirler

 And another

 Officer Bell and Todd Smith

 Erik and friend

 Jesse the computer guy and Chris Davis

SCCA - Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts - 
a happening place

Several semi-spiritual Todds try Trin's.

Meanwhile, further down the street - 
camera work 


Fourth Fridays said...

Wow! Thank you for capturing a great evening in Columbia.

Cole said...

're welcome. It was a fun time with fun people. I got more pics this time (as compared to last month). Can't wait 'til the next one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Col, Keep up the good work on your website. Much appreciated from an old Columbia boy living in Australia. Almost as good as walking down the street, but not as cold! Cheers, Chuck

Joe Lintner said...

Thanks Chuck - long time, no hear. I hope all is well over there "down under."