Saturday, February 16, 2019

50 vehicles found with out-of-date registrations, some not inspected | Columbia Borough Police Department

Attached to this post is a document that some people in town will find under their wiper blades to let them know that their registration is out of date and their vehicle needs to be re-registered with PennDOT. If you get a notice on your vehicle, please stop at a notary or visit PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services webpage to renew. The webpage to visit is

Approx. 50 vehicles were posted overnight between 02-15-19 and 02-16-19. Some of the vehicles posted were not currently inspected as well. Unfortunately the state is no longer handing out registration stickers so make sure if you change your address, you change it with PennDOT as well so they know where to send your renewal notice to. Your registration date and inspection dates will most likely not match up as well.

Have a safe day!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Surveillance video from parking garage fight, Columbia man injured; Police seek IDs of persons in video | Lancaster Bureau of Police

*****NEW INFORMATION  2/15/2019*****

Investigators have reviewed surveillance video from the Penn Square Parking garage related to the fight/ assault that occurred 2/10/2019. The victim in this case remains in stable but critical condition at the hospital. 

Please review the attached video and see if you can help us identify (3) unknown suspects and (3) unknown eyewitnesses. 

The video is attached here and can also be viewed on our YouTube channel:


On Sunday February 10, 2019 at approximately 0131 hrs. Officers from Lancaster Bureau of Police Platoon B responded to the area of Penn Square Parking Garage at 20 E. King St. for a report of an injured person.

Responding Officers located a 25 year old male resident of Columbia Borough on the ground. The male was unconscious and unresponsive. Officers saw that the male was bleeding from a head injury.

The male was taken to the hospital for treatment. Officers spoke with people that were in the area as well as people that had contacted 911. Officers were told that there had been some type of fight or altercation inside the garage. Police received information that the victim had been involved in the altercation and that as a result of that incident, the victim was possibly pushed or fell from a height of approximately (25) feet onto the ground below.

Detectives are conducting additional follow-up investigations. They are also reviewing surveillance video from multiple sources in the area.

The victim in this incident is in critical, but stable, condition.

 Detectives have developed information indicating that there were a number of people in the area when the incident occurred and that there are individuals who likely have information about this incident, as well as what led up to the altercation. Detectives are seeking information from those witnesses.

As of the time of this release, no one has been taken into custody and no charges have been filed. 

Anyone with information on this case are asked to contact Lancaster Bureau of Police Det. Eric McCrady at 717-735-3359 or Lancaster Crime Stoppers at (800) 322-1913, or you can anonymously Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by using your cell phone. Text LANCS plus your message to 847411. Callers may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Follow-up: Pennsylvania drug-bust alligator now behind bars |

The alligator found inside a South Coatesville, Pennsylvania, home during a February 8 drug bust has been moved into the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, Delaware.


Columbia man one of three charged in drug bust; police find alligator in the kitchen

(Left to right) Aki Gathright, Irvin "Gotti" Hawkins and Tyrone Jackson are accused of dealing drugs out of a Chester County home where they kept this alligator.

Detectives executing a search warrant for drugs found an alligator in the kitchen of a Chester County home last week.
Irvin "Gotti" Hawkins, 31, who rents the Gibbons Avenue home; Aki Gathright, 35, of Philadelphia; and Tyrone Jackson, 40, of Columbia, Pennsylvania, were charged with drug dealing counts.

Rules of Decorum? Council president clashes with resident at meeting

Soon after borough council passed rules of decorum, the council president broke those rules by using an expletive and telling a resident to "knock it off."

At the February 12 Columbia Borough Council meeting, Council voted unanimously to adopt protocols and rules of decorum for public meetings, with minor changes. A copy of the draft document is HERE, and one particular aspect of the document is notable:

A little over half an hour later after the vote, however, decorum gave way to emotion, when resident Frank Doutrich began this exchange as he commented on borough finances:

Doutrich: "It looked to me like John [Novak] and Todd [Burgard] is the only two was awake at the budget."

Council President Kelly Murphy: "You know what, Frank, that's really . . . that's uncalled for, and I'm not going to listen to that . . . that's . . . If you want to give your opinion, that's fine, but to sit there and say the others didn't think about it, that's just bullshit, so just knock it off. I get tired of it."

Doutrich: "What did I say wrong?"

Murphy: "You're - you're accusing everybody else of . . ."

Councilman Cleon Berntheizel: "Of sleeping. "

Murphy: "We're the only two that, they're the only two paid attention. [Councilwoman Pam Williams interjects, but is unintelligible on the recording. ] You have no idea how hard that position is."

Doutrich: "I guess I meant that, Pam."

Murphy: "You have no idea . . . "

Williams: "[unintelligible] . . . that was a terrible decision to make."

Murphy: "You have no idea how hard that decision was to make and how many days and how many people I've talked to as well."

Doutrich: "You're right,  I didn't, I don't know that, because I didn't get the financial reports to back that up."

An important parallel to note is the recently decided US Supreme Court case LOZMAN v. CITY OF RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA in which a council president had citizen Fane Lozman removed from a public meeting essentially because she didn't like the content of his comments. Lozman was subsequently arrested and briefly jailed. The incident, which occurred in 2006, can viewed below, beginning at 0:31.

Lozman challenged the council's actions and ultimately prevailed at the Supreme Court after a 12-year legal battle. The Miami Herald published this article on the outcome of the case, which states, in part, "Lozman became consumed with his First Amendment fight for people like him who are thrown out of public meetings for needling elected officials."

Although the exchange at Tuesday night's meeting did not escalate to the level of removal or arrest of a citizen, the case should serve notice to public officials who attempt to push back on citizens speaking out at such meetings. (One hurdle for citizens, however, is that they must prove the municipality acted with animosity.) At the very least, Columbia Borough Council failed to follow its own rules of decorum.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Public Forum To Discuss Trails - March 16 at Columbia Crossing | TownLively

The hopes, wishes, and, yes, gripes of trail users will be heard at a public forum on Saturday, March 16, at the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center, 41 Walnut St., Columbia. Registration will open at 8:30 a.m., and the program will run from 9 to 11 a.m.


Gun-toting robber hits Chestnut Street Turkey Hill Wednesday morning

On 02-13-19 at or about 0438 hrs, Columbia Police responded to the Turkey Hill at 342 Chestnut St. for a report of a robbery.  The suspect displayed a black in color handgun during the robbery.  The clerk stated that it appeared that the handgun had an orange tip on the end of the barrel.  The suspect is described as a thin white male, approximately six feet tall.  Columbia Borough Police encourage anyone with information about this case to call or submit a tip.
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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