Sunday, October 21, 2018

Draft Agenda - Finance Committee Meeting, October 22, 2018

The 107-page Finance Packet can be accessed HERE.

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia:

Clowning at Tacos to Go

Skullduggery, too

 And here's an emaciated devil dog.

Alas, poor Yorick!

Never dance with a creepy clown in the pale moonlight.

This is what happens when you smoke that devil drug - marijuana.

Even this Jack O'Lantern is fully lit.

 Looks like someone wanted to park - sign be damned.

 Multi-unit birdhouse - 
Well, at least one apartment building got built in town.
(North 4th)

 Glinda the Good Witch?
(North 4th)

Abandoned skull in Avenue G

 Permit for a retail pharmacy?

 Apparently, this is for sale.
(South 4th Street)

 Sticker shock
(North 3rd)

 Gallery on 4th - now with more gourds

 Magical Mystery Tour?
(South 3rd)

 Digging things up at Columbia Crossing

 A trench, in fact

A former councilman called the building, "The gift that'll keep on taking."

 Many-gloried street signs glorified

 When Lowe's is all out of stockade fence

An alternative to those outrageous Comcast bills

 At the gazebo in Locust Street Park

 And there it is.

 Meanwhile, on South 2nd - painted flags - literally on South 2nd

 Must be some sort of revisionist history - two original colonies and no states?!

 And here, complete with sticker, is a cardinal-shaped birdhouse, big enough to terrify any bird in sight.

 Shadow company?

 Getting their "S" in gear

 That's small change these days (but nonetheless acceptable)

 Alligatoring in Avenue E

 That's strange - This sidewalk on Poplar Street ends here, skips over two front yards, then continues further up the street.

 And here it just kind of . . ends.

 On the other side of the street it ends but continues at the last house in the block - at the intersection of 5th and Poplar. So, if you walk over the front of someone's lawn to avoid walking in the street, can you be cited for trespassing?

 Three flats; therefore, it's in E-flat major

 But can you live on a hedge that lives in a hedge?

 Let's hope he plugged the meter . . . because - see next photo.

There's the reason.

Too bad he didn't nail this one.

 Holy smoke?

 Clean it up!

 Pumpkin tree
(Manor Street)

Tree down on the unpaved section of Heritage Drive, most likely due to last night's horrific winds

 Work in progress

 Artist at work

Another work in progress

Still another work in progress

Yet another work in progress

And a few submitted photos . . .

Street sweeper barely bypassing that nasty, unattended ditch on the 300 block of South 2nd

There it is - naked in the daylight.

And finally - the former Embassy Hotel - apparently after a fire