Monday, December 10, 2018

Pedestrian Struck | Columbia Borough Police Department

On December 10, 2018 at 2:55 pm a 18 year old, with a last known address of Elizabethtown, PA was crossing the 1st Blk of N Third Street by the alley.  He was travelling east and ran into the side of a Graybill Inc school bus heading northbound on N Third Street carrying two kindergarten students and the driver.  The male hit the left front quarter panel and mirror.  The male had head and facial injuries.  He was transported as a trauma patient to an area hospital.  There were witnesses to the accident.  As of this time the male patient is stable.  There were no other reported injuries.

Man dashes into the side of a school bus, is taken by ambulance.

A man ran into the side of a small school bus while crossing North Third Street this afternoon, according to police. The man reportedly ran from the sidewalk near the front of Stover's News Agency and collided with the front driver's side of the bus, which was heading north. The man suffered facial contusions and what appeared to be minor head injuries and was taken by ambulance. The bus contained two children and the driver at the time of the incident, which occurred shortly before 3 p.m. Several units responded.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

About Town 12/9/18

This week's photos from around Columbia...
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(Photo: Courtesy of Pam Cook)

In last week's "About Town," we mentioned a monkey owned by a couple of residents on the 400 block of Manor Street back in the 1960s. We incorrectly called it a spider monkey, but it was actually a capuchin monkey, commonly known as an "organ grinder's monkey." According to Pam Cook, a relative of the owners, his name was "Zippy." Zippy was born in 1964 and was the delight of the neighborhood, although he could be a bit rambunctious. He was known for jumping on people and mussing their hair, and on rare occasions causing minor injury. One sad day in 2007, however, Zippy was found on the floor of his cage, dead from natural causes. 
Rest in peace, Zippy.

 This angel at Mount Bethel Cemetery is holding what appears to be - a pacifier?

 Here's the other brick memorial walkway in town.

 Looks like Christmas in the air.

 Here's another sign of Christmas, as well as in the next few photos:

 Homer Claus at Geltz Gotz Goodeze

Baby on boards

 Church window at Columbia United Methodist Church

 Also at the Methodist church

The angel is watching over this group of friends.

 A closer look at the General Edward C. Shannon Armory, formerly named after one of Columbia's bona fide war heroes

 More Christmas lights . . .

 A good ol' Chevy pickup on Heritage Drive

 Side view of the same

 About to open at the former Prudhomme's - which was the former Rising Sun 

 Holding a wreath at the Holy Trinity Cemetery

 River of fog

 "You don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows," but sometimes a dolphin helps.

 Tuned in

 Rusty logo

 Someone didn't use caution.

 At the mural: spelling error corrected.

 Sometimes a sidewalk is just a living room.

 Tearing down at Bootleg Antiques

Covering up at Bootleg Antiques

 Truck 80 about to ride off into the sunset

One of the Columbia Water Company's secret water tanks

 To make ends meet, Santa sometimes works part-time as a doorman.

 Trailer under the bridge

 Shop small.

 Santa's coming to town again to collect Toys for Tots down at the bridge.
 Yes, it stopped. It's not budgeted for 2019.

 About to install a wheelchair-accessible ramp

 Steam cleaning the sidewalk on Florence

 Laying it out in the 400 block of Avenue G

 Rollin' on down the tracks

Salem UCC

 Here's the cross.

And heres the datestone.

St. John's Lutheran
(Here and below.)

Another view

Church window

 Holy Trinity Church

 More of Columbia's many crosses

 The former home of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Company on Front Street

 It might be getting leased to K.T. Graham, depending on how council votes Monday night.

 The COLA building

 Two of the doors of Columbia

 The DAC

  At CHiPS

Ornate plaque at CHiPS

More CHiPS

Here's more Columbia history.

Here, too

 Church on the 200 block of Locust

This might belong to the church.

 What, already?

 The Market House might open again in 2019.

 People used to do this back in the day.


Just another day on Cherry Street
(Submitted photo)

 Golden light


 Hawk in the twilight

 Red-tails have been quite successful in the area.
They seem to be everywhere around here.


 One of their clocks

 Similar to, but different from, this one at 5th and Chestnut

Lots of leaves at Locust Street Park

 Fortunately, Park Rangers, the Lions Club, and high school students showed up to clean up on Saturday morning, just in time for Santa's arrival at the library.