Sunday, September 23, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia . . .

Bikers from several motorcycle clubs attended the funeral of Tim Williams on Saturday morning at Holy Trinity Church. He was a Life Member of the Thunderbird Motorcycle Club.

His obituary is HERE.

About 30 bikes belonging to visitors lined up in the lot.
(Holy Trinity Church is on the right.)

Burial was at Holy Trinity Cemetery.

Visitors lined up to pay their respects.


More of Columbia's historic houses - topped by various spindles

 They come in different shapes.




This one came with a red-tailed hawk.

Shown here observing a moment of silence


 New net needed

 Relaxation's Transportation - Says it right there.

Sign in the alley

 Where did that come from?

 It sprang up recently - and suddenly - at the intersection of Franklin Street and Franklin Road. The previous structure at this location burned down a few years ago.

 Rock-solid watchdog

 Rock-solid watchfrog

Lion in town square

 Shadow cat?

Owned by this "shadow" person?
(Note the missing fingers.)

 New rockers at Columbia Crossing

 Across the river

 A wink and a nod

 Possible Mitch McConnell sighting?

 FREE - 
Wood you believe it?

 Power washing the boat ramp 

 Men In Black


A walk up the river trail . . .

 The tube runneth over.

 Flutterby on flower

 Under the bridge

 Up at the old furnace

 A look inside

 Hiding place?

 Entrance and exit


 Looking up

 Back outside

 West Hempfield

Spare rails?

Onward to the tunnel!

Up close

Right on through

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

 Blubbery growths on a rotting log

Lichen City . . .


 We're told this is a mechanical tire changer.

Another one of those painted rocks

 For your kitchen counter

 New sidewalk on the 500 block of Walnut

Tuned in

 Once again, but a different driver this time
(See last week's "About Town.")

Tube near the tracks

 This might set a precedent.

 Fallen stone slabs on the 500 block of Chestnut

 Fancy fence

 Ornate gate

 Another view of the Market House


 Busy window

 Busy scene

 Escort service

 BBQing the chickens at CBFD



 Out on Purple's Lane- Foam was found in the water here on Friday.

 Supposedly, fish were killed here due to exposure to the chemical foam from a fire department training exercise at Columbia High School.

 In other news, looks like things at this outfall have fallen apart.

Here too.

The following photos were submitted to Columbia Spy:


Poor housekeeping uptown

Poor housekeeping downtown