Thursday, May 24, 2018

Are debris and standing water creating a problem on the 400 block of N. 3rd?

A reader submitted the first three photographs below showing debris on Colonial Metals property and standing water on the roof of the building on the 400 block of N. 3rd Street.  The reader states that the debris is left over from roof damage last year and believes the standing water is a violation of Code Chapter 220-33 A.1, which reads:

§ 220-33Nuisances and hazards to public safety.
A. No land owner, tenant nor lessee shall use or allow to be used any land or structures in a way that results or threatens to result in any of the following conditions:
Transmission of communicable disease, including conditions that may encourage the breeding of insects or rodents.

Columbia Spy took the last photo below, showing a clogged roof drain. Clearing the clog would most likely resolve the issue of standing water. The reader said he is going to contact the borough about the issue, as he did last July.

 Debris on the Maple Street side of the property

 Standing water on the roof, near the corner of 3rd and Maple

The view from Maple Street

This roof drain is clogged and is preventing water from escaping.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Volunteers needed! Roll Up Your Sleeves… Get Dirty… Have Fun!

With 50 1st through 6th graders enrolled, Columbia’s Edible Classroom Summer Gardening Camp is filled to capacity! We are looking for adult volunteers to support camp staff and to help make this a great experience for our young campers. The camp will run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 AM till Noon at Park School playground starting on Monday, June 4th through Friday, August 10th. Three (3) volunteers are needed for each camp day. Volunteers – including parents of campers – are encouraged to sign up for as many days as they can help us “dig in” with the kids!

Please respond by June 1, 2108 to

IMPORTANT: Volunteers need to have DHS and FBI clearances. This is easily done at or by calling (844) 321-2101. Simply complete the application and make an appointment with IdentoGO at 1532 Lititz Pike in Lancaster. The Borough will reimburse you the $20 fee (with a valid receipt).

Columbia’s Edible Classroom Summer Gardening Camp is a collaboration of Columbia Borough, Columbia Borough School District, CHI and other generous supporters.

Polanco, Victoria Coryn - Possession of Marijuana and 2 additional charges | Columbia Borough Police Department

Victoria Coryn Polanco
On 05-18-18 the Lancaster City Police Department picked up Victoria Coryn Polanco (25) of Lancaster on a warrant that was issued as the result of a traffic stop on 02-18-18 at 3rd St. and Locust St. in Columbia Borough by an officer with the Columbia Borough Police Department. During the traffic stop an officer located marijuana in the vehicle as well as determined that the driver had a suspended driver's license. A scale and marijuana was also located in the driver's purse. Polanco was committed to Lancaster County Prison after failing to make bail.
Arrest Date: 
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Case Number: 


Columbia Borough Police Department

Grab, Matthew Allen - Possession With Intent To Deliver | Columbia Borough Police Department

Matthew Allen Grab
On 05-10-18 at approx. 4:38PM officers from the Columbia Borough Police were asked to assist a state parole agent  in the 100 blk. of N. 6th St. who was out with a male that was on state parole. Upon arrival of Columbia Borough officers the male attempted to run off and was taken into custody after a short foot chase. The male, Matt Grab (37) of Columbia was taken into custody and charged with one count of Possession With Intent to Deliver Cocaine. Grab was hiding a bag of cocaine in his underwear. Grab was later taken to Lancaster County Prison by State Parole.
Arrest Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2018
Case Number: 


Columbia Borough Police Department

Criminal Mischief to Automobiles - TIRES SLASHED | Columbia Borough Police Department

On May 3, 2018 at approximately 7:20pm the Columbia Borough Police Department was dispatched to Poplar and N. 2nd Streets for Criminal Mischief to an Automobile.  Upon arrival the Officer observed a white Hyundai Accent bearing a New York registration with two flat rear tires.  Through the course of the investigation, Officers determined that a juvenile cut the tires on the vehicle.  The Officer contacted a towing company who charged $80 to tow the vehicle and $100 to replace the tires.  The juvenile actor would be receiving a citation for criminal mischief.
Incident Date: 
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 7:20pm

Incident Type:

Case Number: 



Poplar and N. Second Streets
Columbia, PA 17512

THEFT FROM VEHICLE - 200 BLOCK OF S. EIGHTH STREET | Columbia Borough Police Department

On May 15, 2018 at approximately 7:49am the Columbia Borough Police Department was dispatched the to 200 Block of South Eighth Street for a theft not in progress.  Upon arrival the Officer spoke with the victim.  She explained that a beige in color, copper faced watch valued at approximately $80 and a black and gray colored 'Coach' change purse valued at approximately $100 were missing from her vehicle.  The items were last seen by the victim at 6:00pm the prior evening.  Anyone with information regarding this theft should contact the Columbia Borough Police Department at 717-684-7735 or text LANCS to 847411.

Incident Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 7:49am

Incident Type:

Case Number: 



200 Block S. 8th Street
Columbia, PA 17512

DISORDERLY CONDUCT - JUVENILES FIGHTING / Columbia Borough Police Department

On May 11, 2018 at approximately 2:48pm the Columbia Borough Police Department was dispatched to the 1000 Block of Spruce Street for two juveniles fighting.  When Officers arrived the fight had already been broken up.  The Officers located one of the individuals and questioned her about the fight they then offered her medical attention which she refused.  The Officers offered the individual a ride home which she also refused.  The Officers contacted the Columbia High School Resource Officer requesting help in getting information regarding the second individual involved.  The School Resource Officer provided the name and address of the individual and contacted the parents of both participants.  Both individuals were given Youth Aid Panel letters due to the incident.  Both individuals received a citation for Disorderly Conduct mutual fighting.

Incident Date: 
Friday, May 11, 2018 - 2:48pm

Incident Type:

Case Number: 



1000 Block of Spruce Street
Columbia, PA 17512

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The bricks are in!

The first of the engraved bricks honoring military personnel were installed today at the Veterans Memorial Bridge Plaza. The bricks were installed by Tom Jones Landscape and Lawncare. A dedication ceremony is planned for this coming Saturday, May 26, at 2 p.m. at the plaza.

Bricks can still be ordered for the plaza walkway. There is a deadline of July 2 for an August install, and a deadline of October 1 for a November install.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

About Town

Recent photos from around town...

Police checking things out at 3rd & Locust last Monday evening

 An alternative to Smucker

 Pinocchio's left foot?

 Four violations right off the bat: parking along a highway on a side designated NO PARKING, parking on a sidewalk, blocking a driveway, leaving gas cans unattended.

 Artist's conception of how the mural will look on the back of 301 Locust

 Close-up of the above

Looks like birds will roost just about anywhere:
atop a pole...

 atop a finial...

 atop a sign.

 Every home should have one of these.

 The mayor said there's not a camera at 3rd & Perry, and yet ... there's a camera at 3rd & Perry.

 Collecting the loot on Locust

 Painting a line on Manor

 Rehabbing a house at Florence & Manor

 New lights for the bridge plaza flagpoles

 Worm's-eye view of the above

 Violation: parking on the sidewalk

 A reminder of our racist heritage?

 At Glatfeter Memorial Field: a 9/11 Remembrance

 Working toward a vegan lifestyle

 Crow in priestly black preaching a sermon from on high

 Exterior guitar

 Drone over Chestnut, but not the borough's, since officials say we don't have one.

 It was being operated by this guy...

...who apparently works for this company.

 Taking off after being found in violation

Scolding the kids into line

 There, that's better.

 Newly painted trim, with an aquatic flavor
(475 Locust)

Fortunately, it was only primer.

 Accident at 4th & Chestnut last Friday afternoon

 This car . . .

 . . . and this car collided.

 This truck at 4th & Locust had been in an accident just a few minutes before the other one.

 Here's a car with a broken windshield sitting on 13th Street. A few days earlier it was sitting on the 1300 block of Manor. How was it moved?

 Rain-spotted flag

 Van sporting a picture of the bridge . . . down by the bridge.
Was the photo taken from the Wrightsville side - or from the Columbia side and then reversed? Either way, it still shows the old bridge lights.

 Antiquated door knocker on a door on the 300 block of Cherry

 The 500 block of Cherry: a newly installed fence simulating the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 Over at Park School: garden plots

 Here's a close-up of one.

 Down at River Park, Waterways Conservation Officer Jeff Schmidt takes a group shot.

 And then . . . a gesture of thanks

 Rain garden along Heritage Drive, complete with rainwater

 Hawk on the lookout at Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens

Runaway bride and groom?

 Responding to a river rescue call for a kayaker in distress Saturday afternoon

 Afterwards, with everything A-OK, a return to River Park

 This summer's Music in the Park line-up

 An iron sitting unattended on a second-floor window sill.
What could go wrong?

 A curious cardinal

 Down at the bridge on a partly cloudy day

 Kitty + kitty = 18 lives

 A big kitty at the 5th & Locust fountain

 Tables are for glasses (and everyone knows the rest of that saying).

Trying to figure out what it is . . .

And here a few reader-submitted old photos . . .

Spruce Street in Columbia, 1925

 Wildcat Falls Ferry Boat

Wildcat Falls Hotel

Wildcat Falls is in York County, north of Wrightsville.