Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pet Pantry of Lancaster County launches 'SS Pantry,' a mobile veterinary unit for vaccines, spay/neuter clinics

Dubbed the SS Pantry, the unit will include "a fully functioning surgical suite" with anesthesia machine, oxygen generator and other surgical equipment.



Arbor Day Ceremony at Makle Park this Friday, April 27, at 6 p.m.

The 27th Annual Arbor Day ceremony will be held at Makle Park this coming Friday, April 27, at 6 p.m.  In the event of rain, the ceremony will be held at Columbia Crossing, 41 Walnut Street.  See the program below for further information . 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Heard (and seen) through the grapevine and elsewhere

Quick blips of things going on around town...

Jonathan Owens of Lancaster Lime Works

From Bigler to Brookline, 208-210 Locust Street finally moves forward. HARB approved Brookline Builders' plans to begin restoration of 208-210 Locust Street. Jonathan Owens, founder of Lancaster Lime Works, Brookline's sister company, showed the board the style of brick he's using to match those taken from the facade of the troubled building. (Enter "208-210" in Columbia Spy's search field for more information on the building. )


Artist's concept of mural placement

A 10' x 20' mural is planned for the back of the former Jack Horner building at 301 Locust Street. The mural's design is based on a 1726 Columbia National Bank note with the name "Columbia" emblazoned across it. Artists Janette Toth Musser and Ophelia Chambliss have been commissioned to paint the design on fabric that will then be adhered to the building's surface. Don Murphy, the building's owner, will pay for all "prep" work. The project's total cost is anticipated to weigh in at $5,500-5,700. Remaining funding will be borne by Create Columbia ($500-700) plus an even split between Don Murphy  and the borough at $2,500 each. The mural is projected to be completed and mounted by June 2018.


We're hearing the feasibility study is done.  That's the study recently undertaken to determine the best option for expanding borough office space.

Currently there are three options:

  1. Consolidation: Renovate/expand the school district administration center (DAC) to accommodate municipal and school district offices.
  2. Purchase and renovate 430 Walnut Street, the former Kahn-Lucas building and currently home to DMC Products.
  3. Add a second and third floor to the existing municipal building (possibly with retail space on the first floor) but still move the police department.

All said and done, the cost to move to the DAC is estimated at several million dollars - and a little more than that to move to 430 Walnut. A public meeting is being planned for May at Columbia Crossing to get input on consolidation.


There may be two groups interested in the Market House, according to Assistant Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger.


Andy's Market has apparently purchased the property formerly owned by Kaufman's Beauty Salon at 310 North 11th Street and will move at least part of its operation there.


Council approved the hiring of a part-time trolley driver at $15 an hour.


 Council approved $99,207 from its capital fund towards the purchase of a fire police vehicle similar to this one.

Prior to approving the purchase of a new fire police vehicle this month, council grilled CBFD President Mark Fritz on costs, with suggestions to buy a cheaper vehicle or another used vehicle. Fritz gave council several reasons the purchase was warranted and said the fire police are now part of the fire company. Residents Mary Wickenheiser and Sharon Lintner spoke in favor of the purchase. Six council members voted to approve $99,207 for the purchase, with Marilyn Kress Hartmann casting the only "no" vote. 


As of ten days ago, about 140 engraved bricks had been sold for the Veteran Memorial Bridge plaza walkway, and purchasing has stayed brisk, according to Kevin Kraft. PennDOT will be closing the bridge for the May 26 dedication. Ed Wickenheiser will be the main speaker, whose theme will be "The Flag." The American flags will be raised at the beginning of the ceremony and during the playing of the National Anthem. Service flags will be raised during the ceremony, also. The Bainbridge Band will be on hand to provide music for the event.


An online auction for Market House items was discussed at this month's Public Works/Public Property meeting. The auction will be announced in a newspaper ad in May.

Woman head-butts man in the face, strikes him on the head with metal bed rail

On Sunday, April 22, 2018 at approximately 2335 hours, a 54 year old male came to the Columbia Borough Police Station seeking medical attention.  He had injuries to his face and a laceration to his head.  He reported that Kanita Reid, a 35 year old female "headbutted" him in the face and struck him in the top of his head with an approximately 6 ft. long metal bed rail causing injury.  The alleged assault occurred in the home of Reid in the 100 Blk of S Fourth Street in Columbia Borough.  The male victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.  Reid was taken into custody at her residence and charged with one count of Aggravated Assault (Domestic Violence) (F2) and one count of Simple Assault (Domestic Violence)(M2). She was taken to Lancaster County Central Arraignment to be arraigned on the charges.   She is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Arrest Date: 
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Case Number: 


Columbia Borough Police Department


Sunday, April 22, 2018

About Town

Photos from around Columbia over the past week...

 Young love

 Out for a walk

 A truck . . . on a truck

 There's somethin' happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

Don't do this.

Whose turn is it?


 Slow down for kids running down this pole.

 Some sort of ingenious Budweiser can contraption on an overhead wire

 High school students helped the Park Rangers clean up River Park Saturday morning.

 They were armed with shovels, rakes, brooms, and determination.

 There was lots of sweeping to do.

 All areas of the park were covered.

 Concrete parking blocks will be installed at the parking area along Heritage Drive.

 Rain gardens will be added here.

Further down on Heritage Drive - an egg-stra special fence?

 Work is being done at the cottage area.

 Norfolk Southern recently paved this area at the bottom of Union Street. The road leads to Columbia's other public boat ramp.

 Water heaters and rubble - from the recently demo-ed property at Locust Street and Bank Avenue

 This hole in the ground is what remains.

 But new construction is going on here.

 Proper building materials assure a healthy structure.

Of course, some builders prefer style over substance.

 Brick work continues at the bridge plaza.

 A dedication will be held here on May 26.

 Probably true

Fixing the Foresters sign

TV's and such at 208-210 Locust

 Quick ticket time?

Unloading mattresses at the furniture store

 But what's that on the truck?

 Parking tickets from an agent of the business-unfriendly borough

 Are we grate again yet?

 These things are lifting, just as Ollie said they would.

 And they've become a catch-all for all sorts of debris, especially cigarette butts.

Yep, definitely lifting

 The former Sudstown Laundry, a piece of Columbia history

 Remi and Zan down by the river. Remi (left) is the father of Zan, who is 10 months old, according to their owner. They are Italian Mastiffs.

Troop 35 on the move, with lots of sponsors

 And here's E-town's Troop #1 visiting Columbia River Park.

There they go, off to the trail!

An oldie but goodie

Another oldie but goodie

 Still another oldie but goodie

 Yet another oldie but goodie

 Not a Keeley, but an antique nonetheless
(Tollbooth Antiques)

 Also at Tollbooth, an old-timey toboggan, complete with bell

 Cherry blossoms blooming

 Out on a limb

 The cat was stalking a squirrel seen here upper right.

 Giving a paw

 Cherry blossoms down by the Wrights Ferry Mansion

 Lots going on at Our Home of Hope

 Was someone snapping off these limbs?

 This is why we can't have nice things.

 A dark demon watches over Columbia. Or is it one of the Wicked Witch's flying monkeys?

Columbia Borough 42.7% renter occupied

 Bird-topped porch lamp

 More stars and strips

 This sign is well over 50 years old.

 Garden plots at 4th & Mill

 Rusting away, but aren't we all?

 Down at Trinity House - It was reported that an intoxicated person kicked out this window Friday night.

 Cracked and nearly faceless sign

 You don't see many of these nowadays. Is it an antenna or modern art?

 At Makle Park, a backboard was broken out again and taken down. Another one will cost about $900.

 The borough installed new brighter lights there.

More vandalism at Makle?
Better get this fixed before Friday's Arbor Day celebration.

 Bikers out for a ride
They "busted through" the red light and weren't about to stop for anyone.

 Our friendly firefighters

 Looking for a fire to fight

 Ready for an outdoor Sunday service?

Rollin' along