Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The disappearing stop sign mystery solved - sort of

As reported previously on this site, the stop sign on Route 441 South at the Locust Street intersection was removed to facilitate traffic flow when the new bypass opened last week. Then on Monday, a stop sign reappeared at this intersection, only to disappear again the next day.

Currently, drivers stopped at the bottom of Locust Street are having trouble seeing traffic on 441 South due to the setback of the stop sign; the building beside the sign obscures the view. Borough officials are aware of the problem.

According to a borough representative, PennDOT will meet with the borough next week to hammer out a solution for this troublesome intersection.


  1. Readers will need to read between the lines on this post.

    1. You mean that, although done with the best of intentions, simply slapping up a stop sign on a state road without PennDot approval or studies opens up a whole can of liability worms?

      Kind of like 101 for traffic issues. Someone needs to go back to class.

  2. Better do.something real soon before there is a bad accident there

  3. I go there every morning, down Locust St. I thought I was going crazy. One day, no sign, the next day there was one. When I looked again, it was gone again. It is pretty bad, trying to see what is coming from your right, because of the building.