Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mittens and Mufflers - A quick look - More to follow

 Carriage ride up Locust, with Maverick pulling the carriage.

 Clyde, a haflinger waited in reserve while tethered to a parking meter

 Clyde and his owner

 Two fine gentlemen

 Open door at Garth Gallery on Second Street

 A grinch lurked nearby

 Another carriage ride, a bit speedier this time.

How it looks from the other side

Luminaries on Locust

Luminaries on Locust

 Santa (Walter Bosch) in Locust Street Park

Tree lighting

Go HERE for a different view of the tree lighting


  1. This was really a nice event. It offered a great sense of community. Columbia has so much to offer and thanks to all that made this possible.

  2. There was a pubic official there I was with them

  3. A "pubic" official? That is interesting. I saw a member of council.