Sunday, December 20, 2015

Caution! Two stop signs removed


As part of the Route 441 bypass project, two stop signs have been removed on Route 441 at the intersection at the lower end of Locust Street. Drivers traveling north or south on Front Street (Route 441) no longer have to stop at this intersection. DRIVERS TRAVELING DOWN LOCUST STILL NEED TO STOP HERE - and watch for traffic from right and left - before proceeding.

Looking North on Front Street (Route 441): Drivers on 441 no longer need to stop when going straight through this intersection - or turning right, up Locust.

Looking south on 441 near the Locust Street intersection: Drivers traveling south on 441 no longer need to stop. THOSE TURNING LEFT TO GO UP LOCUST MUST YIELD TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC ON 441.

All drivers should use caution at this intersection.


  1. There are going to be many accidents there. If you're coming down Locust Street and stop at the stop sign where you're SUPPOSED to stop and look to your right - you're looking at a building and cannot see ANY traffic that is coming from the right. You need to pull up PAST the stop sign (which is illegal) to be able to see if it is safe enough for you to turn left.

  2. Luckily there's a fire station right there.....oh....wait....