Sunday, November 15, 2015

What's up with 441?

 Judging from the fact that the traffic lights at Front and Walnut are still covered, it does not look as if the Route 441 bypass will be open tomorrow as expected.  PennDOT and Norfolk Southern are reportedly having issues with synchronizing the lights.

Speaking of 441, what's up with the signs near the overpass at Route 30?


  1. How in the hell did this happen?

  2. They need to work together,,,,,
    And not at the LAST MINUTE

  3. Hope Penn dot gets the road open soon been two weeks now.

  4. People need to myob!!!!!!#
    Cry Cry cry..
    Yes I'm a movie star with opinions.....
    Get off your are and do something.

  5. My guess the wind did a number on the overhead signs! As for Front and Locust, my question is how is traffic to be regulated when a train is going by. I can foresee traffic flowing on Front Street as the train is going by until someone stops waiting to make a turn to go into the river park and blocks traffic until the train goes by. There is a similar intersection in Leola at Newport and Horseshoe Roads except at this intersection, they have illuminated no left turn and no right turns installed with the traffic lights that come on when a train is passing. This prevents someone stopping and blocking traffic traffic until the train goes by. I would have to believe these should be installed on these lights.

  6. The mayor and others who wanted this are nowhere to be found! They should be on top of this and not running away! OOOPPPSSS! Not that they never ran before!!

  7. The borough does not have anything to do with the opening of the road it is Pen Dot.

    1. They the mayor and others who wanted this should be on top of this ASAP!!! They want the glory but not the problems!