Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grants could help make Columbia more appealing to visitors

Borough council voted unanimously May 11 to submit a letter of intent for a Lancaster County Smart Growth Transportation grant to make improvements to North Third Street. Council also voted to apply for funding from the Lancaster Transportation Alternatives program to improve River Park, according to Ron Miller, interim borough manager.


  1. Does Columbia have to put up some money to get this grant?

    1. Apparently, the LNP reporter covered this meeting in absentia.

  2. Does Columbia Borough forward meeting minutes to Lancaster Newspaper? The reporter does not attend the meeting and gather her own information?
    Is that really "reporting"? Spoon fed story writing. I did that in high school when I did not want to read a book, got cliff notes.

  3. Has nobody but myself figured out yet that our mayor has a hotline to LNP? They print what he tells them to print. It has been this way for years.