Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rotary Avenue and Commerce Street to become one-way, starting July 23

Three Columbia parks might get "facelifts"

Three of the six parks in Columbia Borough might get facelifts in the near future thanks to a study currently underway. Council voted unanimously last month in favor of undertaking a study of Makle Park, Rotary Park, and Janson Park in order to develop a comprehensive plan. The $67,000 study is being carried out by the landscape design firm Yost, Strodoski, and Mears (YSM) and will include initial surveys for each park.

At the May borough council meeting, Pam Williams, chair of the borough's Parks & Recreation Committee, said the completed plan will allow the borough to apply for grants for further development. “In order to apply for grants, we do need the information, to be successful,” she said. Williams added that there will be opportunities for public input to the plan, also. Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger said a survey similar to one for the Columbia River Park Phase III will be made available to residents. Council President Kelly Murphy said the study will help determine what needs to be improved and added, and what programs will be provided for children and adults of all ages.

On the June 14, 2018 Parks & Recreation agenda, a “kick-off” presentation by Ann Yost of YSM was listed. The presentation was to provide an overview of YSM’s plan and procedure for Rotary Park, Makle Park, and Janson Park.

Currently, the Borough of Columbia owns Makle Park and Rotary Park. Janson Park is run by a foundation affiliated with Holy Trinity Church.

Other parks in the borough, but not included in the study, are:

Glatfelter Memorial Field, run by the Glatfelter Foundation.

Locust Street Park, owned by the Old Columbia Public Grounds Company but leased by the borough for a token fee to allow police to have enforcement powers in the park. The Grounds Company is responsible for park maintenance.

Columbia River Park, owned by the Old Columbia Public Grounds Company, but leased by the borough under a 99-year lease. The borough, along with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PAF&BC), is responsible for maintenance and management of the park.

Glatfelter Memorial Field

Locust Street Park

Columbia River Park

The Old Columbia Grounds Company

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 NATIONAL NIGHT OUT coming August 7 at Glatfelter's

Please join the Columbia Borough Police Department along with many other organizations on 8/7/18 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Glatfelter Field for our annual National Night Out Event.  Come enjoy FREE food, games, music, giveaways and entertainment.

Colonial Metals has closed, employees want answers, company keeps mum

"We would love it if the company were to let all of the employees know a way that we can get in contact with them, to make sure that they can transfer to other jobs," Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons said.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Man wins First Amendment Supreme Court case that protects citizens at public meetings

A South Florida man won a First Amendment victory at the Supreme Court on Monday in a case that could protect citizens from arrest for voicing their displeasure at elected officials during public meetings.

The court's decision affects citizens who attend public meetings to vent and question the actions of elected officials.

The man kept speaking after a member of council warned him not to continue with the topic. He was arrested, but charges against him were ultimately dismissed and he then sued the city.


If it's June, why are there mayflies? Amazing facts about the coming swarms

The Columbia Borough Police Department has announced that mayflies are starting to hatch along the Susquehanna River and when the insect swarms grow too heavy the department will be turning the street lights off on the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge over the river.


About Town

Recent photos from around Columbia...

(Tap/click on photos for a better image.)

 St. Francis in a bucket

 Several units responded to a water rescue call on Sunday:

 Blue Rock

 Columbia Borough

 A canoe reportedly capsized near the York County side of the the Route 30 Bridge, about four piers out.

 A family of four was rescued on the Wrightsville side.

The news story is HERE.

 PA State Police responded to the incident, also.

Time for this fence to come down.
A former councillor said that several years ago, Columbia Borough entered into an agreement with the cottage owner: He would maintain the ground if he could put up the fence. The area beyond is still public. As a matter of fact, it is technically the first block of Locust Street, and it borders the Susquehanna River. It is unclear at this point whether the agreement was written or verbal, or whether any record exists at all, other than the mists of memory.
Why is this individual, who does not even live in Columbia Borough, permitted to block public land here?

 A concerned citizen submitted this photo and the two following of the Avenue H parking lot.

 The photos were taken on May 9. The metal rule shown is 16" long.

And yet the borough was handing out quick tickets to property owners for high grass  during this time.

 Loud-mouthed sparrow

 For a clean getaway

 Further progress at the troubled 208-210 building


 What does that sign say?

 That's what it says.

 Up a tree but not out on a limb

 Ninth Street

 Leaf him alone

 Stirring cement

Cracks filled at Locust Street Park

 Barrels at 3rd & Perry

 Men at work

 They paved Heritage Drive last week.

 Rollin' it out

 More asphalt, please

Still rollin' along

 Finishing up

 Rollin' rollin' rollin'

 PA Hero Walk vehicle

 The side of the truck gives some info.

 Trailer in tow



 Here comes the flag bearer.

 And there he goes.

 And there they go.

 New flag bearer

 Over at Park School - the Edible Classroom

Down at River Park - a green van (even though it's white)

 The good news is that someone tried to dispose of the flags properly.
The bad news is they didn't take them off the sticks first.

 Rough water

 Meanwhile, in Wrightsville

 Caught one!

 Out for a walk

 Flag Day in Columbia

 Conservation Officer at the high school

 Line painter at the the high school

 Speaking of lines - these were just painted on Heritage Drive

 Still trying to get in



 Freedom Biker Church

 Listening in?

 "First Saturday in June," but the sign was still there two weeks later.

 Here's a new sign on the 400 block of Locust.

 It's quite visible from Route 462.

 All the flags are a-flyin'.

 Including these

 These too.

 Flag, flag, everywhere a flag

Here's the flag of the rear guard

 In tow

In tow

 A helpful citizen assists a parking enforcement officer with hanging signs across from Locust Street Park for the car show.

 Alien life form?

 Cloud forming

 Yes it is.

 York County as seen from Laurel Hill

 Just married!

New sign - a work in progress

 Down at Bootleg Antiques

Just about finished

 A reader submitted this photo of the First National Bank Museum at Second & Locust. (Date unknown)

The reader also submitted this photo of a building at the same intersection, which was once an umbrella factory and later Becker's Potato Chip Factory, as seen below. Currently, there are plans to convert the building into a hotel.