Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pennsylvania Magazine features Columbia

The current issue (Sept/Oct 2015) issue of Pennsylvania Magazine contains a lengthy article on Columbia.

Smoke and fire on Fourth Friday

Columbia's Fourth Friday celebration featured several galleries, events, and refreshments.  The 400 block of Locust was shut down for the event.

 Several musicians played at various spots along the street.

Some of the music was drowned out by noisy generators used to power food trucks.

 Shortly into the event, a large plume of smoke erupted down at the river.  A few minutes later, fire personnel were called to the scene.

Firemen found more open burning at the Canoe Club.

Caring for Heritage at Columbia River Park

Dozens attended Saturday's Caring for Heritage, a celebration of local history helping area non profits raise funds for their organizations. Participants included The Lancaster Fencibles, Invalid Corp, Susquehanna Gateway Heritage, and Columbia Historic Preservation Society. The event at Columbia River Park included reenactors, demonstrations, sale items, exhibits, and refreshments.

A reencator showed this American(?) Flag he recently bought at Root's Market. Apparently, the 40-something number of stars represent our 40-something number of states, and the 44 stripes represent the original 44 colonies. Would anyone be upset if this "flag" were burned, since it's already a desecration?

 Larry Hoover of Elizabethtown demonstrated bullet-making techniques.

 An assistant lined up the finished products.

 Bullets were made from 700-degree lead.

 Tom Hambleton of Willow Street took over bullet-making duties.

A short clip of the demo.

 Rifles used by Union infantry in the Civil War

 Larry Hoover of Elizabethtown

 Columbia history

Civil War-era belles, one with period sunglasses

Chris Vera, president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society, gave a thumbs-up after another successful event.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happening this weekend




Former WGAL employee charged with stalking co-worker

A former WGAL employee is facing multiple charges after being accused of stalking an ex-coworker and vandalizing her car.
Bernard W. Gutwald, 56 of Manheim Township, is accused of stalking a female WGAL employee and keying her car on multiple occasions causing more than $1,700 in damage.